Bendy paint

May 14, 2009

Tuesday was a lovely sunny day and both me and Stig had the day off. We finally started work. First port of call was removing the fiberglass pop up roof. This was as easy as removing a few screws then lifting it off. This was easily done between the two of us, though in doing so we noticed how flexible it was. Stig decided we should hunt down some primer more suited to fiberglass that wouldn’t crack if flexed a little.

Stig having fun with white spirits

Stig having fun with white spirits

We went over the roof with our sanders and then rubbed it down a few times with white spirits. Stig was more liberal with the white spirits than I was and by the end of the day the mere smell was making me feel sick. Still managed dinner of course.

Priming roof

Priming roof

When we were sure it was ready for paint, we cracked open the white plastic primer we had just scored from Halfords (after a pleasant bike ride in the sun). The paint went on in thin strips and most of it seemed to blow away in the wind. Not ideal, and it took several cans to achieve a reasonable coverage.

Lifting roof back on

Lifting roof back on

The end result was probably worth it though and the roof is now ready to take a couple of coats of the final paint that we choose for the van. Everytime a cat lurks near the roof I’m almost ready to throw something at it now as I don’t want paw prints over the primed roof. I love cats though, so I think I’d let it slide.

8 litres of industrial mega strength paint stripper have now been ordered to take on the bodywork, the plan being to wait for some sunny days, take it back to bare metal and slap some rust converter on any rusty patches. Then it’s time to get painting!


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