First actual work of the year?

May 11, 2009

Things are getting to the point where they could almost be called exciting. Stig has chased up the guy who promised to sell us some gas shocks for the front. Also in a spate of effort, he is trying to negotiate a deal for a new engine for our green beast. I believe it is a Holbay tuned version of the Rootes 1725cc engine.

Aparently this thing is a nice fit for our Commer and this particular version is kind of race tuned or something. Sounds nice, maybe we could hit 55 mph in this thing afterall! Stig mentioned that the proper Holbay version came with twin Weber carbs but this one has been downtuned somewhat and comes single carbed, although this is a blessing in disguise as it means it should fit no probs. So, a downtuned race tuned engine maybe.

Of more immediate concern is that tomorow me and Stig have decided to make a start on the exterior work and weather permitting we are intending to take the popup roof off and start the process of cleaning and painting it.

Commers roof

Commers roof

As you can see its looking a bit mucky at the moment and the placement of the van next to a fence means the roof has become a kind of playground for the local cats. Still it should be interesting trying to prize the roof off, I’m expecting some hilarious problems. I believe the roof is fiberglass so I’m not totally sure what kind of primer and paint we need to use but Stig doesn’t think this is a problem.

Also, with the weather a bit awkward at the moment there is a good chance of rain so we’re hoping to cover the gap in the roof with a spot of plastic sheeting. Fingers crossed.


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