So far…

May 7, 2009

We bought this mint green Commer at some point last year for a reasonable sum. The engine ran, the brakes didn’t work and it rocked alarmingly. Winter has since past and not much has changed except the appearance of more surface rust.

Jobs we need to complete include; erect a temporary cover, strip old paint, paint with new paint, replace dying engine, replace shot front shocks, patch up blowing exhaust and get those brakes working!

Stig insists that we will be able to strip off the old paint, slap some rust convertor on and then paint it back up ourselves using a technique similar to those here. The rest of the jobs will then be a simple matter of getting the right bits together and asking a garage politely to do it for us. Quite why we need to paint an old van that may never pass its Mot I don’t know, but then we can all blame Stig if it goes wrong!


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